Sometimes you may have a great dream of becoming a renowned webpreneur. You have a plan on how you will implement this dream, selected your specialization niche, and strategized the marketing tactics to use in attracting customers. It is now three years down the line from the day you penned the last name. Yet, the plan remains as a written document with no hope of becoming a reality. Reason? Lack of funding. But did you know you can launch an e-commerce website and start selling without spending a dime?  Maybe you are wondering if this is indeed possible. Relax. Here are top three free e-commerce website builders that will power up your dream without paying a coin:


Probably, you have heard the word, Wix. Also, you know it is an e-commerce platform. Right. If not, this is one of the leading platforms that enables you to develop a wooing e-business site within a short time.   For newbies and e-commerce entrants, the platform has a freemium option which you can use to set your foot on the virtual world without paying a dime. This option offers you a disc space of 500MB and a bandwidth of up to 1gb. As a startup, this space is enough to establish your brand online and launch your idea. You can opt for another option or an upgrade in future when your business starts to grow.

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Wix is not the only free e-commerce web builder platform. If the features contained in it do not meet your preferences, you can opt for SITE123. This platform offers you an opportunity to build your website by providing you free domain name and hosting. Also, for those with a bad feeling on ads that you do not benefit from, this can be your option. SITE123 comes with ad-free frames. Also, this provider recognizes your social marketing needs and optimizes your site for the same. This concept offers you an upper hand in marketing your products.

IM Creator

Another option for developing a free e-commerce website is IM Creator. This platform offers a chance to create a state-of-the-art website with attractive features. Simplicity is the central emphasis of this platform. As such, they offer you an easy platform that does not require tech skills to create any website. So, if you do not like what the SITE123 and Wix offers, you can go for the IM Creator and build a free e-commerce website.

As such, you do not have a reason to lie about your dream business again.

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