1. Data Ownership

If you do not have complete ownership on your website, and the hosted platform run out of business or remove you, you would end up losing all your data such as the photography, inventory tracking and a lot more. If you use a propriety system, you would have to solely depend on them for all your data and you might not be able to get back the information if you need it or if you want to change your business. That is why open e-commerce is more beneficial as you have complete ownership of your data. Moreover, since you have ownership you can have more products without having to pay an extra amount as you are in control of everything

  1. Flexibility & freedom

The flexibility and freedom that open e-commerce provides individuals with; is one of the main reasons why it is chosen over close e-commerce. You have the freedom of being able to use it the way you want to and you will not have any kind of restriction on all your products, orders and everything else. If you want to customize your pricing structure you can do so as you have complete access to the code base. Nobody will tell you what to do because you will be running your business on your own. Using open e-commerce will also give you flexibility in the way you use your system.


  1. Setup and configuration

Open e-commerce is greatly beneficial when it comes to data ownership; however, with setting it up can be quite difficult. Before completely setting up the store, you will have to choose a hosting platform, set up a domain name and install the hosting platform. Many hosting companies lend you a hand by already installing wordpress or woocommerce, and many even register your domain name for you, however it is better if you register for it yourself.

  1. Maintenance

When using such a system, the maintenance is already built in the system and is quite transparent to the user; therefore they will not have to worry about updates or security issues. This may be an issue, if the user has no idea what these things are and if the user does not if it will work with their own setup. Store owners could make sure that there is a developer available who can help out with such issues and changes that may occur.

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